The fan convention for the television show Community.
October 25-26, 2014

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Hello, my precious blueberries! Here are answers to some of the questions I’ve been getting. 

When is CommuniCon?

February 9-10, 2013. 

Why that weekend?

To coincide with the February 7, 2013 Season 4 premiere date. It was either Feb. 2-3 or Feb. 9-10. We went with the latter so that Dan Harmon could attend.

Where is it?

Los Angeles City College, on Vermont Avenue.


Relax, Greendalians. LACC is where a lot of exteriors were filmed during Season 1. I promise you’ll love being on that campus. Check this post if you’re still skeptical:

Why L.A.? Can it please be in New York, Chicago, London, Miami, Madrid, Tokyo, Johannesburg, or any number of other places that are not L.A.???

I really am sorry. I know Community fans are all over, and that a lot of people can’t get to L.A. In my fantasy world, CommuniCon will ultimately expand to multiple cities. But for this first year, it just makes more sense to have it in L.A. The show films in L.A. The cast and writers live there. Dan Harmon lives there. Hosting in L.A. is the only way to have a chance of any of those people being able and willing to attend. If it helps at all, having it in L.A. has nothing to do with my personal convenience. I don’t even live there. 

How do I get tickets? 

Sorry, but tickets are sold-out. We’re still maintaining a wait list, although it’s currently at about 100 people, and only a few more (if any) will likely get in at this point. 

How much do tickets cost?

$25. And any extra dollars you can spare to help cover costs are very appreciated. 

What are you using my ticket money for, you greedy jerk?

Hand-crafted Italian faucets are expensive! JOKES! It’s all going to cover the costs of putting on the event. 

Where can I stay cheaply in L.A.?

Here are some hotels near LACC. I can’t vouch for safety or quality, as I don’t live in L.A., and am not particularly familiar with the area.


Will there be parking at LACC?

Unfortunately, parking is not included with admission. There is limited street parking in the area. However, I would recommend walking, taxis, or public transportation to the extent possible. One helpful fan provided this link, with info about free Metro park and ride lots. The Metro Red Line stop at LACC is Vermont/Santa Monica.

Another fan provided these links, for Metro maps and timetables:

Apparently there’s also a Metro app you can download.

Will there be a campus-wide paintball fight?

I wish. Unfortunately, I think something that big will have to wait for subsequent years. This being the first year, and being completely fan-organized by someone who doesn’t even live in L.A., we have to scale back the ambition a bit.

We did look into organizing a paintball outing during CommuniCon weekend, but there didn’t end up being enough interest. 

How about a campus-wide blanket fort?

I love your enthusiasm. But sadly, we’ll only have a specific space on campus reserved. If people bring blankets and pillows, I probably won’t stop them from building a fort in the corner, but we can’t go totally nuts. Fort-building in hotel rooms on Friday and/or Saturday nights is obviously encouraged.

What kinds of activities/events will be at CommuniCon?

The schedule is here:

Will there be video for people who can’t attend?

Hopefully. Some wonderful volunteers will be filming throughout the weekend. We’ll also hopefully be able to live-stream some of the panels. 

Other than fans, who will actually be there?

I can’t guarantee anything, because schedules change and whatnot, but so far the following people will be there: Dan Harmon, Andy Bobrow, Megan Ganz, Steve Basilone, Tim Saccardo, Charley Koontz, Danielle Kaplowitz, and Erik Charles Nielsen, and more.  

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