The fan convention for the television show Community.
October 25-26, 2014

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New logo, by the great Justin Crisostomo! Check him out at

A few things to keep in mind: A) There are a VERY limited number of Plus/VIP/Batman passes; B) PLEASE use Amazon Payments if you can; C) If you’re interested in an official t-shirt but don’t want or get an upper level pass, you’ll be able to pre-order a t-shirt later. 

Passes will be available at

Thanks everyone!

Hello Human Beings!

I know we’ve all been pretty bummed, so I’m very excited to announce that tickets to CommuniCon 3: Case Study in Conventional Triangulation, go on sale this Friday, May 16, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. There are a few ticket options available, which you can review at before they go on sale.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a limited number of Early Bird/Pre-sale General Admission Weekend Passes for $40. These will ONLY be available until they sell out, or until Sunday, May 18 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, whichever comes first. If you miss out on the Pre-Sale discounted passes, a second set of General Admission Weekend Passes will be available for $50, starting Sunday, May 18 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

If you are able to pay via Amazon Payments, please select that option. Doing so will help me out a lot, because it will give me access to the funds before the event. I don’t get the BrownPaperTickets payments until after the event is over. 

Any questions, let me know!

See you in October!

Gillian (not Jacobs, sadly)

For those who didn’t see my tweet the other day, if you have suggestions for panels or activities at the next CommuniCon, let me know! I can’t promise anything, but I definitely want to know what you want to see and do at the next one.

Check out COOL COOL COOL: The CommuniCon 2 Experience, the BRAND NEW film by  Damien Barriga and Brittany Sterrett! Featuring original music by fans  Justin Crisostomo and Charles Vigilans! Spread it like the Greendale Fire of ‘03! Thank you all so much!

And while I’ve got you thinking about CommuniCon, if you’re interested in letting us use your original songs or music about or inspired by Community in the CommuniCon 2 documentary, please email me at communicon1 (at) gmail. We can’t pay you, sadly, (we’re not selling or otherwise making money off the doc) but you’d obviously get credited in the documentary.

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the first CommuniCon! My sincerest thanks to everyone who has attended or contributed or helped spread the word. With extra special crazytown bananapants thanks to those who trusted enough to attend the first one a year ago. Hope to see you all at the next one!


Pictures from CommuniCon facebook page.

Story of why I’m crying!

My whole life I never had a lot of self-confidence. I never thought I was pretty. In fact, I thought I was very much the opposite of pretty, and had people in my life who confirmed just that. So as I grew up and had people tell me that I was pretty or cute or what have you, I couldn’t believe them. 

But then Community came out, and I, of course, loved the show. Then people started to tell me that I looked like Gillian Jacobs, who is stunning, gorgeous, and everything in between. And it might be shallow, but I felt like if people thought I look like her, who is so pretty, then I might not be so bad looking either. So I told her this, and just kinda started crying as I did so.

The best part was that she was telling me that she would have to kill me because only one person was allowed to have her face, but then I told her that because of her I finally feel good about my looks, she said that I could still live, as long as I wear her face proudly.

This was seriously the most amazing experience, and I can’t believe I just started to cry, but ever since people started telling me that we looked alike, I’ve been dying to meet her and just thank her, and I finally was able to. She is so sweet and so funny, and I’m just still in awe and still crying over being able to meet her.

All photos in this album by Allen Negrete.

Special Thanks to the Following Wonderful People

My TQs: Sarah Dorman, Catherine Boyd, Jennifer Eisenhour, Kim Rogers, and Clinton Alvord (especially Sarah, who was, again, my co-captain/savior)

Documentary Crew: Damien Barriga, Brittany Sterrett, and Allen Negrete

Logo Designer: Justin Crisostomo

Dan Harmon

Chris McKenna

Yvette Nicole Brown

Gillian Jacobs

Eric Goldman

Danielle Turchiano

Jake Fisher

 Craig Cackowski

Irene Choi

Danielle Kaplowitz

 Charley Koontz

William Love

Marcy McCusker

David Neher

Erik Charles Nielsen

Andy Bobrow

 Dan Guterman

Carol Kolb

Matt Roller

 Tim Saccardo

 Erik Sommers

 Hilary Winston

Bryan Birge

Leslie Borchert

Chris Branan

Don Diers

Josh Einsohn

Robert Joseph

Ellen King

Pam Lljubo-O’Brien

Denise Pizzini

Travis Richey

Carrie Keranen

Eric Loya

Nick Acosta

Brian Giovanni

Chaz Maas

Brian Uiga

Steven Fook Yuan Wong

Kyle Conroy

Gemma Haines

Jason Lee

Nick Scripp

Matt Ferguson

Daniella Murphy

Brian O’Hara

Jon Weber

Shawn Barry

Vas Obeyesekere

PixelDrip Gallery, especially Mark Batalla, Annie Wilkes, and Julieta Colas

Lizabeth Applewhite, Yasamean Azizi, Earl Baylon, Emily Jermusyk, Bonnie Kenderdine, Sarah Mertan, David Owens, Berto Ponce, October Primavera, Giann Rafanan, Alex Ralph, Devlin Smith, and Mike Velasco

The Embassy Suites Glendale

Los Angeles Audio Rentals

Every member of the Community cast and crew, past and present, not already listed here

My fellow Community fans, who inspired this convention


Extra special thanks (again) to Andy Bobrow

Thank you all so very much.

See you next time.