The fan convention for the television show Community.
October 25-26, 2014

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And while I’ve got you thinking about CommuniCon, if you’re interested in letting us use your original songs or music about or inspired by Community in the CommuniCon 2 documentary, please email me at communicon1 (at) gmail. We can’t pay you, sadly, (we’re not selling or otherwise making money off the doc) but you’d obviously get credited in the documentary.

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the first CommuniCon! My sincerest thanks to everyone who has attended or contributed or helped spread the word. With extra special crazytown bananapants thanks to those who trusted enough to attend the first one a year ago. Hope to see you all at the next one!

All photos in this album by Allen Negrete.

Feast your ear-tongues (and eyeballs) on the memory pops contained within “Intro to Communal Convention,” the documentary about February’s first ever CommuniCon, by Damien Barriga and Brittany Sterrett. Annie Jeong also helped capture the footage at the event. All three donated their time and talents, and I cannot possibly express how grateful I am to all of them. Especially to Damien, who put in so very much work editing this documentary. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Enjoy the film (including the post-credits surprise), spread the word, and if you or anyone you know is inspired to attend the sequel, tickets are still available at



While not anticipated, this schedule is subject to change based on availability of participants.

If you have created Community fan art and would like to show/sell your art at CommuniCon, please email me if you haven’t already. communicon1 (at) gmail. Thanks!

Just 8 hours until I can stop harassing everybody with these reminders! We’re up to an amazing $17,651. I would LOVE to hit $18,000, which we can exceed if just TEN more people donate at the “cheap seat” level of $40! Because of that, I’ve freed up some more spots at that reward level. 

Thank you all so much for your donations, reblogs, retweets, and shares! Just another work-day to go until we can all get down to the business of just being excited for the event itself.

So get your spot (or T-shirt or DVD) and tell your friends to do the same before time runs out! 

October 19 is finally October 19 again. Don’t miss out.

If you’ve been holding off on donating or getting a spot to October’s CommuniCon because you think there will be another in a few months, please know that’s actually not the case. Sorry if this has been unclear, but it was never the intention to make this a bi-annual event, we just needed to work out the timing. Unless you want to wait another year for the next one, don’t forget to grab your spot before the Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow at 5pm Pacific time!

There are still spots left at multiple levels, including at the $40 and 2-for-$80 levels. Get yours while they last!

Don’t miss your chance to meet and hear from, talk to, and get pictures and signatures from Community actors, writers, crew members, Dan Harmon and more!!!

As we’ve said from the beginning, there is currently no plan to sell tickets to CommuniCon after the Kickstarter campaign ends. There are still admission spots available at multiple reward levels, but time is running out to get yours! Thanks again so much to those of you who have donated and spread the word! Please continue to do so. The more people who donate and attend, the better it will be for everyone!